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raymond riddle

Raymond Riddle

Director of Division VI,
Ameren Illinois

How long have you lived in the Metro-East?

I have lived in the Metro area all my life

In what Metro-East city do you live?

Currently, I still live in Florissant.

What brought you here?

Here... is home. My career is what brought me back to the East Side.

What do you love most about the Metro-East?

A small town feeling – that makes you feel “You’re home”.
The value of a large metropolitan without the big city hassle.

What advice would you give someone moving to the area?

Give the area a chance, it has more to offer than the media realizes.

What are your favorite attractions in the Metro-East?

The quaint shops, sporting events and the many golf courses.

What do you think are the Metro-East’s best assets?

Hometown feel – creates a sense that you belong.

What do you like to do for fun in the Metro-East?

Family events, sporting attractions.

Please list charities to which you lend your time.

United Way, Diversity Awareness Partnership, Youth in Need, Mathews Dickey Boys and Girls club.

Why do you think it’s important for people to volunteer and what drives you to volunteer?

It’s not only important, I think it is a requirement for those who can. Most of us made it with help, to not give back and help those who are less fortunate is a dis-service. Its kind-of un-American.

Have you made any special friends or memories in your volunteer work?

The memories are the smiles that I have captured in my heart of the individuals, especially the children.