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amy gould

Amy Gould

Engineering Specialist,
American Water

How long have you lived in the Metro-East?

19 Years

In what Metro-East city do you live?


What brought you here?

After graduating Saint Louis University, I purchased a home in Belleville.

What do you love most about the Metro-East?

The History and heritage of Belleville and pride the community feels for the city.

What advice would you give someone moving to the area?

Take your time to check out all different areas. There are so many wonderful places to live.

What are your favorite attractions in the Metro-East?

I love Main Street in Belleville. The parades, festivals, Lincoln Theatre, shopping and restaurants.

What do you think are the Metro-East’s best assets?

The friendly people and business owners. People really support each other.

What do you like to do for fun in the Metro-East?

In the summer I love to spend time with my family and friends at Westhaven pool. Take a bike ride on the bike trail, walk downtown Belleville to enjoy a glass of wine and local musicians at Tavern on Main.

Please list charities to which you lend your time.

American Water Charitable Foundation
Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
Keep Belleville Beautiful
NRPA – Building Better Communities
Cathedral Grade School
Notre Dame Academy
American Red Cross

Why do you think it’s important for people to volunteer and what drives you to volunteer?

I think everyone has something to give, money, knowledge, or time. The term, Philanthropy is Greek for “love of mankind”. We all have the ability to do good things. I also believe when you give with a loving heart, you in turn grow to be a better person. I volunteer because I was taught to give back and I enjoy giving of myself, my talents and my knowledge. It makes me feel good.

Have you made any special friends or memories in your volunteer work?

I am rich with friendships and memories. I enjoy all the hard work, lack of sleep and laughs that come from my time volunteering. I know that I have taught my two daughters the importance of giving back by involving them and showing them they too, at any age, have something to give.