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$2,000 Scholarships to 5 Metro-East Students 2017/2018

The application process has closed.

Do you need cash for class? Do you love living in the Metro-East? How does a scholarship funded by “Get to know M.E.” sound? Five $2,000 scholarships are up for grabs for Metro-East students attending universities in the Metro-East. Apply by Oct. 15, 2017!

The “Get to know M.E.” campaign is funding five individual $2,000 scholarships to be awarded to five students:

The scholarship program is one component of the "get to know m.e." campaign, which involves our collective group of sponsors spearheading various community focused initiatives throughout the Metro-East. The criteria for this scholarship is pretty straight-forward! We want to hear why you love living in the Metro-East. Write us an essay today and you could be one of the 2017/2018 scholarship recipients! Deadline is October 15, 2017 to apply!

Tuition Scholarship Program 2017/2018 Conditions

Five individual $2,000 Scholarships will be awarded to five students. All students applying for the GTKME Scholarship must meet all the following nonnegotiable conditions:

  1. All recipients of this scholarship must be a resident of the Metro-East at the time of application and already enrolled as a full time student (minimum 12 credit hours) in good standing at a Metro-East college or university.
  2. Student must submit a GTKME application and required essay to the mailing address or website listed below before deadline date to be eligible for the Scholarship. The Scholarship will be applied during the academic semester immediately following the application submission. Awarded for Spring Semester 2018 ONLY.
  3. Students must be deemed in good standing within the university or college guidelines to which they are applying.
  4. This Scholarship award must be used for the specified semester as indicated on this application. There is no exception, this will be evaluated at time of awarding.
  5. This Scholarship award may be superseded by any other tuition-only grant or scholarships received by the student.
  6. This Scholarship award pays tuition, fees and books only.
  7. All Scholarship materials must be received (post marked) no later than October 15th, 2017.
  8. Students must intend to complete a degree or certificate at one our Metro-East universities or colleges listed on his/her application to receive the GTKME Scholarship award.

View the 2017/2018 GTKME Scholarship Winners!

2017/2018 Scholarship FAQ

What is considered the Metro-East?

Students who reside in Madison, Monroe, St. Clair, Randolph, Clinton or Washington counties and meet the Residency requirements of the University.

If I receive other scholarships for the same semester can I roll it into the next semester?

You may use the Scholarship for the Spring 2018 semester only.

Can I go to one school in the fall, transfer to another in the spring and receive the Scholarship?

Yes. But you must be enrolled in the Spring Semester at the University you wish to qualify for the Scholarship at the time of the award.

Can I receive the GTKME Scholarship for the Spring 2018 if I didn’t attend a University in the Fall of 2017?

Yes, but you must be registered and enrolled at one of the three Universities for the Spring Semester 2018 at the time of the award.

Is there a deadline to apply for the Scholarship?

Yes. The application and essay must be submitted by October 15th, 2017 (for Spring Semester 2018)

Can a non-registered student or high school graduate apply for the Scholarship?

We will accept applications from students enrolled for the Spring 2018 Semester at one of the three universities.

What if I receive another Scholarship while attending the University?

If the other scholarship pays tuition only, it will be applied first. GTKME Scholarship will pay the remaining cost of tuition.

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