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The Metro East 2017 “Explore My Community” Video Contest

Show your school spirit and you could win $5,000 for your school!

Get to Know m.e., also known as Get to Know the Metro-East, is a regional image campaign launched to help everyone in the Metro-East get to know their communities better, embracing the people who live and work here while enjoying the many attractions that we all share and enjoy. To support this campaign, various businesses have teamed together to organize and fund a comprehensive, positive-image marketing campaign for the Metro-East and fund visible projects to help make our community even stronger.

Get to Know m.e. would like to invite your school to participate in our latest Metro-East project. It’s called the Metro-East “Explore My Community” video contest!

The video is a creative way for schools to show how much school spirit they have and why their community is the best. Submit a video that highlights the wonderful features in your community.

The Winners of the Video Contest

  1. Collinsville High School - wins $5000 with 2,326 votes
  2. Parkside Primary School - wins $2000 with 733 votes
  3. Collinsville Middle School - wins $1000 with 400 votes

Zion Lutheran School Belleville, Webster Elementary School, Central School District 104, Highland High School and Father McGivney Catholic High School each will receive $500.