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I live here. I love it.

I like that this is a very diverse area and because of the diversity we have a lot of different ethnic groups that live here, making great neighborhoods and great families. The sense of family in this area is very strong. It is an urban area but it is also rural. We enjoy the pleasures of city life and country.
--Dr. Georgia Costello, President of Southwestern Illinois College

I love the quality of life and community “feel” of the area. 
--Keith Page, President of Anderson Hospital

The people. When someone from a big city meets someone they ask “what school did you go to?” In the Metro-East, folks ask “what town are you from?” There is pride in the community you call home. 
--Carol Bartle, Project Manager of the “Get to know m.e.” Campaign

First and foremost, the Metro-East is a great place to raise a family. We’ve got such a great location – we’re accessible to so much. In the Metro-East we can enjoy a bunch of small towns and the city life, all within a 30-minute drive. 
--Grant Evitts, Senior Manager of Field Operations for Illinois American Water Co.

I enjoy the people the most and the diversity of the people represented in our communities. In particular, I enjoy Lebanon because of a definite small town feel with access to all kinds of interesting neighboring cities, towns, events and attractions. It is so different from Los Angeles. I used to commute 45-60 minutes one way each day and now my commute is 248 steps from the home of the president to my office. I have gained about 2 hours back of my life everyday and that’s not the best thing about the area but to me it is an important aspect. 
--James M. Dennis, PhD, President of McKendree University

The people. We’ve got a lot of great people and we are all really lucky to be accessible to a lot of different things here. In the Metro-East we can enjoy the countryside in one direction and 15 minutes down the road we can enjoy more of a city life. 
--Ed Hoering, Principal of CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP

We have 4 boys so we love the community aspect the Metro-East has to offer. Our kids are very involved in school and sports and we have a neat neighborhood with lots of children. It’s a place where neighborhood kids can play outside and feel safe. 
--Jim Maher, CEO of Archford Capital Strategies, LLC

I love that everyone has the ability to truly get involved in community through very active service organizations. These organizations offer an opportunity to get to know people by working side by side and it gives you an every-one-knows-your-name kind of feel. There are so many opportunities to be a part of the community and not just a spectator.
--Joann Barton, Senior Vice President at TheBANK of Edwardsville

I love our proximity to downtown St. Louis and our ability to be in nature, both in less than 20 minutes.
--John Reichert, General Manager of InFocus Marketing

Mostly that it is home. It is where the people that I love are and my job at Hospice of Southern Illinois, which I also love. One more important part of my life here is my love of the St. Louis Cardinals.
--Lisa Phillipson, Community Relations and Education Director of Hospice of Southern Illinois

It has a friendly hometown feeling where you know your neighbors but yet it is close to the City and all of its amenities. 
--Lorraine Cavataio, Shareholder at Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard P.C.

I love the small-town feel and friendly people. After living in St. Louis for 12 years, I really enjoy having the personal relationships with the local businesses and the people in my community. The bonus is that St. Louis is only 30 minutes away so anything I might miss, I can still enjoy!
--Jan Carpenter, Co-owner and Creative Director at Cork Tree Creative, Inc.

It’s got to be the people. There’s such a strong sense of community. The people are so committed to one another, the community and improving the environment we all live in. 
--Mark Turner, President and CEO of Memorial Hospital

I love the people, the culture and the history. This area is comfortable. The beauty of this area is we have so many advantages. Whether you like sports, arts, music…it doesn’t matter. You don’t have a reason to move. It’s all right here. 
--Robert Mueller, President – St. Clair County Market of TheBANK of Edwardsville

The fact that it's the best of both worlds!  We have such vibrant communities on this side of the river but great access to the metro/city area on the Missouri side. 
--Dr. Julie Furst-Bowe, Chancellor of SIUE

I like the diversity of everything that there is to do here and how we are so close to the country and the City at the same time. I appreciate the hometown feel of the people who live here and how they are so hard working and genuine. 
--Jay Tebbe, President & Publisher of the Belleville News-Democrat

What I like most is the diversity of the people in the Metro-East and its communities. 
--Jerry Bladdick, EdD, President, Belleville Campus of Lindenwood University

Being from a small town, I like that the Metro-East still has the feel of a small town but yet there is so much to do. I have also really enjoyed watching Edwardsville become the town it is today and I love that people who live here have a lot of pride in the progress happening in our community. We have a great community and more and more people are starting to talk about Edwardsville for its food scene, housing stock, bustling Main Street and our parks, which are only going to get better.
--Laura Reed, Co-owner and Public Relations Director, Cork Tree Creative, Inc.

I like its diversity, particularly the city style mixed with the country charm. I also enjoy living across river from St. Louis with all its metro amenities just 15 minutes away. 
--jo kathmann, President/CEO of The Tourism Bureau Illinois South

I enjoy the community spirit. The people of Belleville are generous kind hearted people. They unite for the good of the community and will donate their time and energy for worthy projects as evident by the annual festivals that are successful year in and year out.
--Kevin Richter, Shareholder-Vice President of Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd.

I like being 10 minutes from my work. I worked in St. Louis for years at another law firm so not having that commute makes life so much better.
--Mark Stegman, Shareholder-Vice President of Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd.

 I love the community relationships, the many arts and educational opportunities and the active Chamber of Commerce.
--Mary Reuter, Assistant Vice President & Executive Director of Community Relations at Lindenwood University

I love the community environment and how people are friendly. I also appreciate that this area is close St. Louis so we have a city next door yet it’s small enough to have the feeling of a good, tight-knit community.
--Pat Mathis, Shareholder-President at Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd.

What I like most is our proximity to the big city mixed with the small town feel. We are close enough to the city, but not in it.
--Randy Rodgers, Vice President, Business Bankingof UMB Bank, n.a.

The location. I really like the small town, community feel but like that we are so close to a major metropolitan area. From my house to the ballpark it is only 15 minutes without traffic and only 30 minutes with traffic. You can be almost anywhere you want to be in the Metro-East in less than 30 minutes. I also love the sense of community, safety, low cost of living and the fact that you can be downtown St. Louis or in a rural, wooded area in minutes to fish at one of the area lakes or enjoying the bike trails.
--Richard Mark, President and Chairman of Ameren Illinois

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