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What We Do Together Makes This a Stronger Metro-East, a Stronger Community.

The "Get to know m.e." campaign was launched to help everyone in the Metro-East get to know their community better, embracing the people who live and work here and the many attractions that we all share and enjoy. To support this campaign, various businesses have teamed together to organize and fund a comprehensive, positive-image marketing campaign for the Metro-East and fund visible projects to help make our community even stronger. All will be aimed at celebrating our communities and serving the people who call the Metro-East “home.”  We hope you will join us in this effort and make it even stronger. To help we ask that you:

  • Share your ideas about any community projects we can support to help make the Metro-East even better.
  • Follow the campaign on social media and share our posts and page with your friends.
  • Help us start the conversation and keep it going about why the Metro-East is a great place to work, live and do business.

Tell Us Your Ideas

idea thougt bubbleIf you have ideas about ways we can enhance our community, we invite you to share them with us. Tell us why we should consider your project and how it will make a noticeable difference to those who choose the Metro-East as a place to live, work, play or visit. 

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I live here. I love it

I like that this is a very diverse area and because of the diversity we have a lot of different ethnic groups that live here, making great neighborhoods and great families. The sense of family in this area is very strong. It is an urban area but it is also rural. We enjoy the pleasures of city life and country.
--Dr. Georgia Costello, President of Southwestern Illinois College

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